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My favorite stage role is still the Player King from Hamlet.  He was one of Hamlet’s “actor friends” from their University days.  I remember coming up with some creative backstory for these characters along with the rest of the cast from this Ethos Theatre Company production, such as “If only Hamlet had gone into show business with his friends” and so on.  I remember it was on opening night when I discovered, about an hour before curtain, that the new prop crown was too small and wouldn’t stay on my head, so I zipped down to the big costume shop on Hollywood Blvd to try and find something that would fit.  I was oblivious to the fact that I was already dressed in my Player King costume.  But did anyone even notice or care?  Not really.  I purchased my shiny new crown, placed it firmly on my head and stepped out onto the Walk of Fame sidewalk.  But wait, whose star was I standing on?  I looked down.  Of course.  Mister Rogers.  And I was King Friday.

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