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about me

Height: 6'3"   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Brown

There have been some consistent qualities that unite a lot of characters I've played, whether it was in a play, on a television show or more recently, in an audiobook narration - warm, kind, intelligent and, if I'm lucky, inspirational.  Finding my voice for any type of project becomes an adventure in getting to the truth of the role; and in so doing, enhancing my appreciation for the gift of connection with you, the audience.

Film & Television

ALL MY CHILDREN   |   Recurring/ Surgeon   |   ABC/Steven Williford

30 ROCK   |   Featured/Patient   |   NBC/Don Scardino

AS THE WORLD TURNS   |   Bank Manager   |   CBS/Chris Goutman

GENERAL HOSPITAL   |   Police Chaplain   |   ABC/Scott McKinsey

TRINITY   |   Co-Star/Agent Tillman   |   5Talent/Reyn Mercuri

NORTH MISSION ROAD   |   Lead/George Reeves    |   NBC/Peter Brinckerhoff

PASSIONS   |   Recurring/Banker   |   NBC/Peter Brinckerhoff

MONK   |   Featured/Detective   |   USA/Randy Zisk

I-SEE-YOU.COM   |   Co-Star/Bank Manager   |   Eric Stahl

CABIN SIX   |   Co-Star/Dad   |   Mike McCaffrey

THE BUZZ   |   Lead/CEO   |   Josh Wolff

86 MANNERS   |   Co-Star/Executive   |   Paul D. Hart


CLARITY TELEPHONES   |   The Voice of Clarity   |   Plantronics

LONGO LEXUS TOYOTA   |   Regional TV Commercial  |   Penske

CHICKEN OF THE SEA   |   National TV Commercial   |   Starkist

SAVIN COPIERS   |   National TV Commercial  |   Altamira

NAVAL MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER   |   Narrator, Industrial Film   |   US Navy

WORKING WITH YOU IS KILLING ME:   |   Narrator   |   Media Partners

Conflict Resolution for Respectful Workplace

PRIVACY AT WORK SERIES   |   Narrator, Industrial Film   |    Toshiba USA

GOD'S WAITING LIST   |   Film Trailer   |   Director: Duane Adler



NATURE BEYOND SOLITUDE |   John Seibert Farnsworth  |   Blackstone


WHO IS CARTER?   |   Matthew Abbott   |   Lioncrest Publishing

ONE MAGICAL SUNDAY   |   Phil Mickelson   |   Hachette  |   Caddy

GRAVITY'S CENTURY   |   Ron Cowen   |   Blackstone

LIFE CHANGING LOVE   |   John Ortberg   |   Zondervan

RHINO EXPRESS:   |   Dr. Joel Wallach   |   CJ International, LLC

The Saving of the White Rhino

THE SACREDNESS OF QUESTIONING   |   David Dark   |   Zondervan


A CREDIT TO HIS RACE:   |   Dr. Frank Lillie   |   Stella Adler Theatre Unity Players Ensemble

The Ernest Just Story

HAMLET   |   Player King   |   Next Stage, Hollywood

ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN  |   Tragedian   |   Tres Stage, Hollywood


GIVING THANKS   |   Gideon   |   Next Stage Hollywood

AN EVENING OF FILM ONSTAGE:   |   Lenny   |   LA City College

Scenes from Darren Aronofsky’s Pi

Training & Workshops

Scene Study   |   Michael Monks   |   Ivana Chubbuck Studios

Commercial   |   Stuart K. Robinson   |   Robinson Creative

MasterClass   |   Mark Teschner   |   TVI Actors Studio

Improv   |   Bill Applebaum   |   Actors Improv Studio

Voiceover   |   Joan Baker &  Rudy Gaskins   |   Society of Voice Arts & Sciences, New York

Audiobooks   |   The Business of Audiobooks   |   Scott Brick & Johnny Heller

Special Skills

Home Recording Studio   

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